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Our company is a professional daily chemicals manufacturer that contains research, development, production and sales in one set. We devote ourselves to the production of various types of detergent used in hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, sauna, laundry room, car-washing room and other service places, as well as families. Our company provides successful service in every walk of life with superior raw materials, rigorous process and perfect service.
Our company has modern workshops and office buildings. We introduce complete set of foreign advanced production technology and equipment, hire top professionals for product research and development, and successfully developed and launched the "Xia Jie Li" brand. Our company possesses several series of products, such as public areas cleaning series, kitchen care series, carpet care seri...

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ADD:No.79,Huli Yun ,  Tong'an Industrial District, Xiamen, Fujian,China TEL:+86-86-592-5526407 5235697手機:18046203250
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